CDL Ticket Attorney

CDL Traffic Ticket Truck Violation Defense Attorneys Available in All of North America

Legal Fees in the USA and Canada are Paid for or Discounted through a TVC Pro-Driver membership

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) holders and commercial truck drivers, in any state or province, are able to contact us if they are facing legal issues involving:

  1. CDL traffic tickets
  2. An accident
  3. Old, unpaid tickets
  4. Drivers license issues

Legal issues for drivers are threats to both their livelihood and their CDL. Federal and state traffic laws are heavily enforced and CDL commercial drivers are especially affected by the consequences. We deliver legal representation, with a membership, one of two ways.  1.) Covered cases and 2.) 25% Discounted cases. Either way, you can save hundreds to a $1,000 or more on each traffic ticket legal bill.  You get access to local lawyers in all courts throughout the USA and Canada.

Our CDL traffic consultants will ask you some specific questions to help categorize the type of cases you have before you report them to our legal department. Once we determine the type of case you have (either a covered or a discounted case), we will give you an estimate of the legal fees so that you will know what to expect. No Big surprise legal fees to worry about on your future billing. From the moment you contact our CDL traffic consultants the process is made straightforward and explained fully to your satisfaction to avoid future misunderstandings and saving you the most amount of money possible. This TVC agency has an excellent track record of preparing you for the TVC legal department and prides itself on transparency of our Top Notch experienced CDL traffic consultants who will let you know exactly just what to expect out of each type of case you may have.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers Available

TVC CDL traffic ticket defense lawyers focus on commercial drivers’ license cases like yours. When you face legal issues, it may take all the representation you can find to make sure your career is not in danger. Our lawyers will do everything they can to keep your CDL free of any burdening points. Clear records and handled cases mean less court time which saves time, money, and keeps a professional driving career safe.

Maintain A Clean Driving Record

If you receive a traffic ticket, you could be facing reprimands such as fines, fees, and pleading guilty to lesser charges. Your CDL traffic ticket lawyer can provide more information on what can happen after a traffic ticket and help you understand what you will need to do. The consequences are certainly not pleasant but they can actually help lower the original charges and keep a CDL clear of points.

If your ticket gets dismissed, you can be assured that it will be completely erased and will no longer be a danger to a CDL or a motor vehicle record (MVR). As a result, you can avoid the many problems these tickets may bring like additional fees and time spent in court.

We offer a Pre-existing Covered Case Category with a guaranteed legal fee of less than $300 dollars for violations like:

  1. Speeding
  2. Logbook
  3. Overweight
  4. Equipment
  5. Following Too Close
  6. Off Truck Route
  7. Illegal Turn
  8. Improper Lane Change
  9. Cell Phone use
  10. Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device or Sign (bypass scale or weight station are discounted cases)

You should plan ahead as these prices are not guaranteed for rush jobs involving a court date less than 6 business days away. You must also have an active license and the charges cannot involve an accident. When your case meets all the requirements then all you will need to pay is a $295 pre-existing fee. Once our offices receive the payment, you will not have to worry about any additional attorney fee billing sneaking up on you.

Your case is not limited to any of the ones we have already listed. Our legal services expand beyond this scope and we can provide negotiating power to several different types of cases. We can also provide a 25% discounted fee that will help reduce your assigned lawyers hourly rate and make legal help that much more affordable. To learn more about our services or to schedule your free consultation, contact our TVC agents or CDL traffic Consultants at (800) 217 6106.

Helping Your Case

The TVC agency is not difficult to work with since we provide understandable and affordable legal help nationwide. We have enough clients to confidently say that our process is among the most accessible out there. All it takes is three easy steps to get started:

  1. Register
  2. Enroll
  3. Report

You can contact TVC via the internet or by phone in order to register. From there, instructions for enrolling are sent and easily followed. TVC is transparent in its offers so you have access to a full summary of benefits, terms, and conditions with estimated lawyer fees for pre-existing traffic tickets. All you have to do after being set up in our system is report your case to our legal department to begin the process.

Even without the process, the initial consultation with one of our TVC representatives is free. After the consultation, you are then able to move along the process and pay the attorney with a 25% discount rate. A case that may have originally cost thousands may now only require a payment of a couple hundred dollars.

Help Along the Way

You have the right to seek out legal representation and to fully use your legal rights, however, no one is obligated to inform you of where and how they can use them. You will need to find out yourself or have a legal representative help you through the legal process. Our CDL traffic Consultants offer a free consultation on how we work and how the legal process works. We also offer a way to register online 24/7 to get access to appropriate explanations included to help you understand,  in black and white, how the pre-existing fees, discounted rates and legal process works.

CDL Defense Lawyers and the TVC Pro-Driver Membership might be confusing to some people. To alleviate the confusion, we work hard to make sure all of our clients know exactly how our services and process works. A CDL traffic consultant will fully explain any terms, conditions, or payment details that will be dictated to you. The $97.70 to start immediately is a first and last month payment of $48.85 monthly times 2), half of which can be refunded in 30 days after closing your last covered case if you choose not to keep full coverage. That same half of the initial price (which is the last month of $48.85) is also refundable if not satisfied with a 25% discounted case following a cancellation after your free consultation and decide not keep a membership. All it takes is 24 hours after enrolling before pre-existing fees are no longer required on future covered cases.

After 24 hours of starting an account, Local CDL traffic ticket lawyers will work on your covered cases and, in return, the TVC membership will pay 100% of your lawyer bill while you benefit from the savings. Best of all, the a TVC membership can more than pay for itself for at least a year with all the money you will be saving from one legal representation. And GOD forbid you are ever in an accident where you are being charged with Serious Charges like Vehicular Homicide or involuntary Manslaughter, you can save from $30,000 or more! Savings like these add up and the money you keep after the first case may actually be enough to pay your legal protection for years.

We Help Where We Are Needed

When you open up a Covered case with our legal department, there is a pre-existing fee of $295. However, you don’t need to pay this fee until two weeks before the court date. However, if you wait too long (like less than 6 business days before the court date), additional fees will apply, so it is not recommended that you wait until the last minute to act.

At TVC, we have seen many cases that could have been handled more efficiently with a bit more planning and time which means more leeway and opportunities to build your case. With that said, we need to receive your court date and ticket details as soon as possible to be able to put your case together. Call us today or register online so that you can have solid legal representation for your case.

There are 3 ways to get started.

  1. Call us By Phone.  Our TVC agents and CDL traffic Consultants are on standby and available by phone where you can receive a Free Consultation on how our legal services work, give you estimates and options available to you and  explain how our traffic lawyers fight traffic tickets to win preexisting cases.
  2. Online Automated Ticket Registration.  You can now Register Online 24/7 to receive more specific information on our covered pre-existing ticket defense fees (with automated email and Summary of Benefits sent to you) or to Reinstate an old TVC membership.
  3. Online Enrollment By New Membership Online Enrollment.  For those first timers with No pre-existing ticket but want to protect themselves from their license liabilities, You can even Enroll Online 24/7 for a New TVC Pro-driver membership with immediate coverage starting 24 hours from the time payment is received – all from the comfort of your home or truck.

Protection for Professional Drivers

A commercial drivers license is a vital lynchpin to any professional driver’s career. Any legal issues could be marked on your record, affecting your CDL, and threatening your livelihood. You need to take a proactive approach and counter any issues ahead of time. With a CDL Traffic Ticket attorney on your case, you can handle any legal issues with a reliable legal representative helping you.

Legal Fee Caps and Coverage Extensions

TVC nearly covers all of North America with local CDL traffic ticket attorneys across the USA and Canada. If you happen to run into legal troubles in new or unfamiliar areas then you will not have to look far for representation from us. Every state you enter has TVC local lawyers available at the same great prices you have come to expect.

TVC legal fees on pre-existing Covered cases are initially capped off at $295. Our TVC membership CDL Protection plan will pay for 100% of your CDL Traffic Ticket Defenses on future covered cases after 24 hours of activating a membership. The $295 pre-existing fees are no longer required after coverage is put in place for 24 hours on future covered traffic tickets and serious violations. Any of our CDL traffic consultants can explain the process and have you saving money in no time!

You are free to contact our CDL traffic consultants during our designated hours or register online 24/7. Calls are toll free and the initial consultation to learn how our services works is free as well. Once you start an account with us, you will have access to our TVC legal department where you may call to open cases, post bonds, or follow up on a case with a live representative anytime 24/7

International and interstate laws are fickle and can change dramatically depending on the area or state you live in. Laws can change daily, however, you can rest assured that our TVC legal department and traffic ticket CDL lawyers constantly keep up with the ever-changing legal landscape. If you are confused or do not know how to handle a situation, then contact TVC. Our free consultation session can ease your worries and help you understand your options.

When you need legal help protecting and defending you from your CDL liabilities, TVC is able to provide representatives capable of defending you in several fields. Our CDL Traffic Consultants and Ticket Defense Attorneys that you can work with are able to:

  1. Help keep traffic points and violations off of your driving record
  2. Help keep your CSA & PSP Safety ratings clean and Accurate
  3. Post bonds for you which is helpful for issues involving traffic tickets and accidents that could get you arrested or put you out of service.
  4. Full legal services and representation for the entirety of your case.
  5. Help you avoid appearing in court.
  6. Representation in trial with no additional charges (on covered cases where JP courts offer No Relief courts).

Certain US state courts can be harder on CDL drivers than others. TVC local legal representatives will work with the laws of whatever state you are in so that the best outcome for your case can be achieved. Our organization prides itself on a high success rate by providing CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys with the tools they will need to thoroughly handle your legal case. A TVC attorney will explore all available legal options and work to give you maximum protection in court.

In today’s modern courts, it is becoming harder to protect your rights which can threaten your ability to earn a living. Our CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys can adapt to any situation and possess a work ethic that delivers solid service no matter the situation. If necessary, you will need legal representation to cover you in case of a trial by jury or trial by judge scenario. Luckily, our free CDL Traffic Ticket legal representations for members on Covered Cases for Moving and Non-Moving Violations encompass a range of possible court situations.

In some states, it may no longer be an option to keep points off of an MVR. Points on a record can be crippling to a professional driver’s livelihood. The judges and prosecutors who know that and work with our TVC CDL traffic ticket lawyers may be willing to help avoid a worst case scenario. You may be able to work with our CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys to win cases or find a less permanent alternative sentence.

TVC Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys offers CDL traffic ticket legal services and membership plans that allow you to access pre-negotiated contracted legal rates that millions of drivers have already obtained to help save them money. TVC CDL Protection is part of the plan and gives you access to legal defenses like Trial by Declaration.

The Trial by Declaration provides CDL holders like you a more solid legal foundation in certain courts. When the Trial by Declaration is used, you can benefit whether it is successful or not. A win in court means the return of all bail money and a loss still means you can have a court trial. The method is an automatic win for you if you come into court but the police officer involved does not. Even if you cannot show up, the trial is not lost but please let us know ahead of time and we can come up with some options to help the situation.

When you use the Trial By Written Declaration, a multitude of options open up. The method can take a court by surprise which our attorneys can take advantage of to strengthen your case. The legal option requires a $600 setup fee plus trial bail if you are not part of a TVC plan. Your future may depend on you thinking ahead far enough to ensure you buy the necessary legal protection you need.

Tackling legal issues on your own is never recommended. Every court encounters a system of constantly shifting legal information that can be difficult to keep track of. If you make one mistake, it could be the beginning of an inevitable loss. The same issues can be said for hiring a lawyer who does not focus on traffic law for commercial drivers as the risks can be too great. For a profession as reliant on clean records as yours, a loss needs to be avoided at all costs. TVC Pro-Driver and Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys saves you time, money and focuses on providing the services you need to keep your livelihood safe.

The trial fees are situational and can warrant additional charges being tacked onto your billing. A trial fee may include changes due to the case and distance of the legal representative from the court. TVC CDL Traffic Ticket Trial Defense Attorney charges may be capped when we take care of the charges for you on Covered cases. Legal bill sizes are not an issue with us due to our volume discounts and pre-negotiated contracted rates. We are able to offer our guaranteed representation in any jurisdiction.

When you call our legal department, you may be eligible to have up to 100% of your legal defenses covered. All you need is 24 hours of coverage with an active TVC membership, and your ticket falls under the covered case category, before being able to benefit from such a fantastic deal. We go the extra mile to make our services worth the wait, saving you time and money you would otherwise waste without a membership. Our coverage is expansive, our attorneys are reliable, and our prices are affordable. Find yourself some piece of mind today by calling to speak with a CDL traffic consultant to see how we can help you!

A Helping Hand

Any points on your CDL will follow you no matter the circumstances or location where they were added. You need to avoid points and face the courts to the fullest extent possible. Luckily, you have plenty of legal options when trying to avoid having any points end up on your CDL. TVC is an organization that provides fully capable legal representatives that you can use for your case. Our TVC traffic ticket lawyers agents are spread nationwide and in Canada to focus on the laws in their area to provide a sound legal experience.

Professional drivers cannot afford to have anything interfere with their job, especially if it involves any license issues and points on the driving record .We work to guarantee top quality legal representation in any court nationwide and our track record for nearly 30 years speaks for itself with a stunning 9 out of every 10 cases in our clients favor. If you need help finding legal help, then contact us to speak with one of our CDL traffic Consultants at (800) 217-6106.

A Service You Can Count On

You are free to contact us any day at any time but to ensure you speak to a live CDL traffic Consultant person, try the times listed below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as our process is completely transparent and we give free consultation sessions on how our services work to resolve your situation. Call today and let us show you how millions of drivers across the US and Canada protect their drivers license.

When to Contact Us

Monday through Friday – 9:00 am to 9:00 pm CST and Saturday’s by appointment from 12 noon to 4 pm CST. Online Enrollment forms and New Membership links can be processed 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Members with a current membership have 24 hour access to a live customer service representative to assist with posting bonds, reporting tickets and checking the status of a pending case. That phone number can be located on the plastic ID card attached to the drivers key chain holder (issued at time of enrollment).