About Us

When you make the decision to work with Trucker’s Voice in Court attorneys, we want you to know that you are working with a Top TVC agency that has established itself as an advocate for the “average joe driver” and small trucking compay. We have affected the lives of millions of drivers just like you all across the country and those efforts are greatly magnified by people like Mr. Rudy Cortez and his highly qualified team of independent TVC Agents and CDL traffic Consultants.

Mr. Cortez is known to drivers as Rudy “Keeping Truckers on The Road” Cortez and has a reputation of being a hard worker with compassion and great discipline looking out for the professional driver, owner operator and the small trucking company. Mr. Cortez has trained a team of agents and CDL traffic consultants that can assist drivers with getting legal representation across the US and Canada. Our agents have built an excellent reputation of assisting drivers who struggle understanding the English language and the judicial process. We are well known among drivers who speak Hindi / Punjabi, Russian / Ukrainian, Chinese and Spanish.  The main agency is based in San Antonio, Texas and has been offering the TVC CDL membership protection for 14 years to serve and defend his fellow working Americans.

When Mr. Cortez saw others suffering, like he once did, from a lack of awareness on new federal laws and resources to protect one’s rights, he decided to take action and help. He began to cultivate a growth of legal awareness in the trucking industry. Mr. Cortez has a steadfast approach to protect the rights of drivers, by being available from the beginning to the end of each case while offering assistance in understanding data Q challenges, CSA, PSP safety ratings and incentives that CDL Driver Membership Benefits offer, and always seeks 100% customer satisfaction.

Mr. Cortez is no stranger to hard work and the value of quality, professional services. He has shined as a musician, an activist and former military veteran. He is passionate about defending and serving our country while maintaining the principles that make our nation so strong to begin with. The U.S. has its foundations based around hard work and honesty, concepts readily seen in the modern work ethic of most professional drivers.

Taking Steps to Protect Rights

Mr. Cortez used his reputation and skills to bring people, from all walks of life, together and help those in need around him. He was able to organize and train a team of agents and companies to work together with the goal of creating an affordable way to provide everyday drivers and small trucking companies with fair legal protection.

This team consisted of others like Mr. Cortez who wanted to make a difference as well as strategic partners he managed to connect through associations building relationships within the trucking industry. Together, this group has been working to create a team that can provide affordable legal services and affordable trucking solutions to all those drivers and companies in need.

The U.S. and Canada all have similar federal traffic laws that can make life for drivers difficult. The laws can change often and defending against violations is often considered a luxury.  Mr. Cortez and his agency of agents and consultants offers a TVC membership to supplant the idea that one can’t afford legal help at the federal level and keep up with the changes of the laws throughout the country on a daily basis.

At TVC Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys, professional drivers and their families can gain access to affordable traffic legal help. By doing so, you are taking a proactive approach to your legal defense strategy which will make your future in the professional driving industry that much more secure.

The Mission

TVC Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys and CDL traffic consultants have one goal in mind and that is to provide the legal protection truck drivers and small trucking companies are entitled to. Professional drivers rely heavily on keeping clean criminal records, CSA & PSP safety ratings clean and accurate and doing so can be a hassle. We work to shave down the process right down to the necessary essentials. Our TVC agents and CDL traffic consultants will also work to make sure you understand data Q challenges, DAC reports, CSA, PSP, anti-masking laws and each step of the process to show you how we can aid with your legal needs.

You will be able to know enough about the process to understand why our services are so important and, afterwards, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we will be handling your legal issues while you get back to living life.

You can contact TVC Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys today to start getting information about the legal process and/or to understand what it is we can do for you. TVC allows you to enroll over the phone or fill out a form online and with a few simple steps, you can find yourself legally protected after 24 hours. The process is fully guided and explained to prevent any confusion or miscommunication. Our legal department is fully ready 24 hours – 7 days a week to receive you and help exercise your legal rights.

Our Qualifications

The TVC auto club and TVC ProDriver membership benefits are administered by the Motor Club of America. The MCA Motor Club of America company has been a staple in the motor club industry since 1926. The organization is special because, unlike other leading competitors, they have the TVC Pro-Driver Legal Protection Service department divisions. These divisions specialize in U.S and Canadian Local CDL Traffic Ticket Trial Defense Courts.

TVC can also proudly say that we have a track record to admire. Our history is composed on long-standing streak of case wins with a solid 9 out of every 10 cases ending in our members favor. The numbers become even more impressive after you realize that TVC helps millions of regular drivers and hundreds of thousands of professional CDL drivers annually. We have a reputation that stems from a successful 30 year track record and the credentials to support our abilities.

The Facts

TVC has:

  1. A Pro-driver Membership headquartered in Oklahoma City, Ok.
  2. Motor Club of America Administration
  3. Local CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys Nationwide
  4. Legal Department Representatives available 24/7
  5. A Legal Department that handles over 2,300+ Legal Cases Daily
  6. Over 10 Million+ Protected Clients in North America
  7. Other Money Saving Trucking Solutions
  8. Referral Incentive and Rewards Program