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Welcome to our ProActive Drivers and Business Solutions website, where Truckers and independent Professional drivers get access to CDL Traffic Lawyers and CSA compliance assistance all across the USA and Canada.  Our CDL Traffic Consultants have provided CDL protection to drivers, face to face at truck Stops across the country and online, for over 18 years!  We enjoy working with companies that provide the most comprehensive and highest legal protection to almost a million professional truck drivers and Small Trucking Companies across the United States and Canada.  We offer Professional Driver memberships that are known as leaders in fighting CDL traffic tickets and violations successfully and without breaking the bank. Our independent CDL Advisors and CDL Traffic Consultant team within our ProActive Drivers agency has positioned us as a reputable partner and guide to these drivers, owner operators and small trucking companies. We take pride in offering the best customer service approach and create a culture that keep us connected and accessible to our drivers that goes above and beyond any sales office.  Our expertise and success has grown as a result of helping drivers and companies solve their traffic related problems that have risen from new federal regulations and trends causing critical changes within the trucking industry.

We continue to train and develop a highly skilled team of CDL traffic consultants to keep up with the growing need of professionals understanding the most updated options and services available that can protect drivers and trucking companies from their CDL or DOT Federal liabilities.  We provide simple solutions with strategic partners that not only help with fixing immediate traffic problems but also provide access to learning how to maintain CSA Compliant & PSP safety ratings clean and accurate.  Our independent team of CDL advisors and CDL Traffic Consultants also provide a better understanding of CDL Protection membership benefits and can quote you accurate estimates on pre-existing traffic tickets in addition to what is found on the member benefits section of our Professional driver membership website for truckers.

We provide Additional assistance for many other CDL traffic and non-traffic related legal issues along with other trucking and transportation solutions. Just reach out to us by phone or web chat for our 1st class service.  We also provide immediate access to legal assistance for all driver license classes A, B, C, D and others; as well as give you access to appearance bonds for both Commercial and Personal Operated Vehicle (POV) traffic citations and accidents.  It don’t matter if you have a commercial license or a regular one, we guarantee legal representation in any court of original jurisdiction where the traffic ticket is received.

Our CDL Traffic Consultants connect you to local traffic attorneys (with a focus on dismissing or reducing traffic tickets to a lesser charge) to keep points off the driving record. Many over-the-road truck drivers know about our Truckers legal services or have seen our truckers member enrollment associates, face to face, at major Truck Stops across the USA (for almost 34 years).  We give you access to over 7,000 local attorneys who are under contracted rates across the USA and Canada that can go to court for you, most of the time, without your appearance needed.

The professional driver memberships we offer have corporate offices located in Oklahoma. Our 24 hour online truckers membership advisors and CDL traffic Consultants are based out of San Antonio, Texas. But the lawyers assigned to your cases will be located in the local area where you need them throughout the US and Canada. Language is no barrier, of course, as we do provide assistance in Spanish, Punjabi, Hindi, Russian, Ukrainian, Cantonese, French and more.

Get Access to CDL Attorney Legal Services

Let us connect you to the CDL Legal Department that has enough representatives available to handle over 1,500 live cases a week. As a member of a Professional driver plan, you won’t have to leave messages on a voicemail. We have live representatives available around the clock ready and able to provide legal services ranging from posting bonds, fighting tickets (by either paying for covered traffic legal fees or assigning free consultations with local contracted attorneys at discounted rates) or help with DataQ Challenges on DOT inspection reports.

Get access to a legal department and provider attorneys that have well over decades of experience under their belt and are ready and able to provide dependable legal services to its members. The Better Business Bureau has rated our independent services and independent agency as top notch with an A+ score that sets us apart from other TVC agents across North America. For your protection and peace of mind, we have listed our independent Online Membership Enrollment Advisors with the BBB to show our future clients how we value transparency, our reputation and our customers.  We are here for the long haul.

There are 3 ways to get a membership started.

  1. Contact us By Phone
    Our independent TVC advisors and CDL traffic consultants are on standby and available by phone where you can receive a Free Consultation on how the Truckers legal services work, give you estimates and options available to you and explain how our traffic lawyers fight traffic tickets to win. CALL 800-791-8385 NOW.
  2. Online Pre-Existing Covered Ticket Automated Registration
    You can now Chat Online 24/7 with a proactive drivers CDL advisor or leave a voice message at 210-361-0296. You will receive more specific information on our covered pre-existing ticket defense fees (with immediate response and Summary of Benefits sent to you) or you can Reinstate an old truckers membership.
  3. New CDL Membership Online Enrollment
    For those first timers with No pre-existing ticket but want to protect themselves from their CDL liabilities, You can even Enroll Online 24/7 for a New Professional driver membership with immediate coverage starting 24 hours from when the time payment is received – all from the comfort of your home or truck. We offer a Company drivers Plan and an Owner operators Plan which Gets drivers full CDL protection, Commercial Benefits, and Driver Rewards as well as a truckers Fuel Card that can save the average driver over $150 a week.

When it comes to protecting your professional driving career or company, you are going to want versatility and maximum coverage in protecting yourself from your CDL and federal liabilities. Fortunately, when you choose us, you will have several options available to help meet your needs and provide you with peace of mind. Our CDL advisors are able to provide many different types of services for your CDL needs like:

  1. Professional Driver Pre-Paid Legal Membership Plans
  2. Pre-Existing CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyer Legal Services
  3. Help with Paying on Future Traffic Legal Fees
  4. Quotes on any personal and commercial Insurance needs
  5. Commercial Loans for Heavy Equipment, Factoring and Operations

Sent Text to 210-361-0296 for Truck/Trailer Loans











6. Free DataQ Challenges

7. Safety Ratings Clean up and Accuracy Help for:  A.) Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR)  B.)  Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) Programs  C.)  Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP)

8. Fighting CDL Moving & Non Moving Traffic Tickets

9. Suspended Drivers License / MVR Clean Ups

10. Pre-Existing CDL Covered & Non Covered Cases

11. Traffic Ticket Expungements

12. Truckers DOT Violation Protest Hearings

13. Citations received in Commercial or Personal Vehicle

    1. Speeding
    2. Logbook
    3. Overweight Tickets
    4. Equipment
    5. Following Too Close
    6. Lane Violations
    7. Careless / Reckless Driving
    8. Off Truck Route
    9. Following Too Close
    10. Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device or Sign (bypass scale or weight stations are discounted cases)
    11. And Many others
    12. Local/Out of State Personal & Commercial vehicle Traffic Tickets


One of the most convenient aspects of setting up an account with us is location. Just one phone call to our legal department is all it takes to get connected to a local traffic lawyer in the city needed. Our legal department has over 7,000 lawyers spread across the USA and Canada so that when you need an attorney in any area, you will be able to connect to the traffic lawyer closest to the court where you received your ticket. You can enjoy the benefits of our specialized traffic ticket legal services at several hundreds of different locations across the USA and Canada; all from one centralized legal department.

Online CDL Driver and Company Protection

Have a ticket on your truck or while driving your personal vehicle? It don’t matter; both can cause the CDL holder problems. Facing charges that put your CDL at risk? Well, we have ProActive Drivers CDL Attorneys who can help you with your CDL traffic ticket legal issues. Our Online Enrollment Agency and CDL Traffic consultants are able to serve both commercial drivers and class C motorists online where you can get connected to a local traffic ticket attorney who is willing to represent you most of the time without your presence in court.

CDL Attorneys specialize in commercial traffic legal services involving local CDL issues that could place your livelihood and CDL in danger. CDL Traffic tickets can escalate and the points that build up will not only show on your driving record; but will affect your CSA/PSP safety ratings. Problems old and new should be handled as soon as possible when it comes to CDL traffic tickets and court dates. Your employment and insurance options are affected when the violations start piling up on your MVR in addition to your CSA and PSP safety ratings. Why be at the mercy of federal regulations that govern how long the points stay on your record (it could be 3, 5, 10 or even 15 years) and run the risk that potential employers take notice? Let us help you take control by letting us fight your traffic tickets and DataQ challenge your DOT inspections.

The Professional driver legal department can help you set up an MVR clean up game plan by having a local attorney consult with you and work on cleaning up your driving record. A CDL attorney will be able to look over charges old or new before working to dismiss or reduce them. Old issues can be checked before being cleaned up or expunged to open up your employment and insurance options. A Professional driver legal department specialist will work to help you keep your record clean and provide free consultation sessions with a lawyer nearest to you when you need it.

The lawyers that work your covered cases are paid by our legal department. In most covered traffic cases, you won’t have to worry about the cost and on the duration of your legal representation. Assigned traffic lawyers come with contracted discounted rates and the professional driver membership pays for most of their fees. Protect your record and license with a CDL truckers membership that connects you to our 7,000 traffic lawyers nationwide today!

CDL Lawyers Nationwide

You are going to want some reassurance when it comes to CDL legal liabilities as a small mistake in court could come with heavy consequences. Our CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys have helped millions of people just like you annually across the country. Motorists and CDL commercial drivers can rest easier knowing that our attorneys are helping to improve the chance of dismissing or reducing points and convictions from their drivers license liabilities. Our Truckers legal service help keep your livelihood safer than any Pre-Paid Legal Program could.

When defending yourself in court, you need to consider the fact that the legal system is set up to convict and take your money. Any mistake could lead to consequences you may not be prepared for. Any slip up in court could lead to a loss that follows your record for life. Why risk it when there are easier and safer options available? ProActive Drivers is able to provide local traffic ticket lawyers that can handle all the legalities for you and help you exercise your rights.

With one of our CDL advisors or CDL traffic consultants, you can relax knowing that they are using a CDL Commercial Prepaid Legal Protection Plan that connects you to the best traffic defense. The plan is proactive and geared towards making full use of every dollar you spend. Our agents will be able to help you save money with our traffic tickets defense strategies and even show you how we can help pay for most of the legal bill in the end for future tickets and accidents.

Full Coverage

CDL advisors not only can show you how to reduce and lower traffic tickets legal expenses but they can also show you how to handles more serious violations too. We can even show you how we help pay for ALL of the legal bill in certain cases like those involving vehicular and involuntary homicide charges. The benefits from our services is obvious with incredible savings and a service that protects your livelihood and freedom.  With our help, you can improve your chances of keeping the points off of your:

  1. CDL – Commercial Drivers License
  2. MVR – Motor Vehicle Record
  3. CSA – Compliance, Safety and Accountability Safety Ratings
  4. PSP – Pre-Employment Screening Safety Ratings

With the points kept off your record, the opportunities available to you are kept open. You will be able to save thousands of dollars in legal fines and fees and your vehicle insurance rates are lowered because of a clean record both at a personal and company level. Better paying jobs are sure to take note of your history in court, criminal or otherwise and current jobs will also take note of a record by issuing bonuses or keeping their drivers employed based on their legal history.

Keeping a More Secure Driving Career

A clean record is incredibly important to keeping your driving career safe. Current and potential employers alike put a huge emphasis on driving records and your CSA and PSP safety ratings are important enough to warrant a proactive approach to keeping them protected. A DAC report is easily just as capable of giving your CDL trouble too, however, we can provide the defense you need to handle such legal trouble that could end up coming your way.

Truckers and CDL drivers from all across the US and Canada contact our lawyers to increase their chances in court and the sooner our lawyers are contacted, the better chances they have to building your case. A solid case will save you time and money in the long run especially when your lawyer is able to have your charges reduced or even dropped. CDL attorneys help fight against US and Canadian court issues like:

  1. Careless Driving
  2. Speeding
  3. Logbook
  4. Equipment Violations
  5. Following Too Close
  6. Lane Change Violations
  7. Off Truck Route
  1. Disobeying Traffic Control Devices
  2. Overweight Loads
  3. Failure To Obey Traffic Sign (bypass scale or weight station are discounted cases)
  4. Cell phone use
  5. DWI / DUI (Free consultation on Case per case basis)
  6. Suspended License (Free consultation on Case per case basis)

Your CDL lawyer can help you defend against these charges and more in court and if you are facing any of the charges listed or have one that is not, then call today so you can have a better understanding of your case. Our CDL advisors offer free consultations or ticket evaluation so that you can better evaluate the specifics of your case and so we can help you sort through all the different options you have available.

Preparing for Any Scenario

Accidents happen. It’s an undeniable fact of life that underlines one of the primary focuses of insurance companies and defense attorneys. They can happen in the most unexpected ways and anybody can be affected by CDL citations and violations. Emergencies on the road or mechanical failures can also occur and are sometimes simply the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some scenarios can’t be predicted but that does not mean that they can’t be planned for.

There is no end to the types of situations that could leave you facing charges for a CDL violation including situations that are actually the fault of others whether they act with recklessness, negligence, or purpose. In any case, you could benefit from preparing ahead and finding a reliable CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney to defend you in court.

So what happens when you find yourself in the middle of an unforeseen situation involving citations, violations and tickets? Are you prepared? Do you know of a good, local CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney who can go to court for you regardless of the US states you drive in? ProActive Driver can provide just that regardless of the state you are in.

Paying for a ticket, regardless of location, should not be the first option you consider. The ticket is not going to be the only thing you end up paying for in the long run since you will likely end up paying for legal help afterwards to help clean up your record. The bills stack up and, in the end, after paying for the ticket and the legal help, you could potentially still have the mark on your record which could have been avoided with legal representation.

CDL holders face additional risks with new laws being recently passed as these laws further restrict CDL holders and state that it will take up to 5 years to remove any marks of traffic tickets from a driving record. MVR cleanup is also restricted by the 5 year rule and CDL traffic violations are actually kept on your CSA & PSP safety ratings for up to 15 years. In the end, it is a smart idea to consider defending against any charges to prevent marks in the first place.

Representation Across the Country

When you travel across US or Canadian territories and receive a ticket, a very serious problem comes up. What legal defenses do you have in an unfamiliar area far from home? ProActive Drivers offers a truckers legal membership that has CDL lawyers spread out across the country which is convenient for locals and visitors alike. Our ProActive Drivers agency is able to provide the same quality of legal representation with lawyers familiar with local courts.

When you receive a ticket in an unfamiliar area, your first reaction may be to just pay it to avoid any hassle. Paying for a ticket should not be your first impulse. Sometimes you will find that having your free consultation first with a  CDL Lawyer is cheaper than paying outright for the ticket. You can contact our independent CDL advisors and see what it would take to have one of our CDL lawyers face the citation charges for you.

Savings Passed On to You

A CDL traffic ticket defense attorney may seem like an unnecessary expense which makes paying for the ticket outright that much more enticing. But, you need to think beyond the initial costs of paying for the ticket to save money in the long run. Traffic violations stack up over time and the costs grow with each citation and the marks on a driving record will end up costing you more.

A CDL traffic ticket, on average, can cost thousands of dollars extending beyond the initial payment. The problem is not just the money you pay but the income lost as a result from the points on your driving record. A CDL traffic ticket is not only a financial burden but also a mark that will raise flags for any prospective employers. If your license is suspended entirely, then the blow to your income could be in the thousands as professional drivers rely heavily on their license and any threat to that is a direct danger to their livelihood.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Accidents happen and, sometimes, escalate beyond your control which can lead to some very serious charges. Your CDL liability hold you to higher standards that could make you out to be the driver at fault regardless of the situation’s context or external circumstances. The federal laws that govern your Commercial drivers license along with the legal system is now able to push for charges and the wrong technicality could force you to face the full brunt of any punishment decided. You have the right to defend yourself in the court of law so do not simply take the punishment when you think you are at fault and much less when the other driver is equally or even more at fault in the situation.

A CDL driver facing charges of vehicular manslaughter or assault cannot afford to have any technicalities or slight mistakes affect the outcome of a trial. Every accident has two sides and you owe it to yourself to have your side of the story addressed in court. You need to express your experience or the charges may deliver a major blow to your future. CDL liabilities have serious effects on a driver lifestyle regardless of any supposed safety nets like company or vehicle insurance.

Insurance Rules and Territory

Business is business and sometimes you are on the wrong side of a bad deal. When your company needs to make a decision on how to proceed with legal matters, you may be facing serious issues on your own. A company will more often than not pick the more pragmatic route and side with their insurance carrier’s decision. The insurance carrier in question does not always have your best interests at heart.

Insurance carriers are not contractually obligated to protect you from your CDL liabilities to help you with fines, Bonds or legal fees. The companies only pay for injuries and damages which will not cover a legal bill of $30,000 to $100,000 to defend you from a serious violation such as an in voluntary manslaughter or a vehicular homicide charge. Additional fees for Bonds and lawyer bills are going to need to come from your own pocket and without a solid legal defense, serious violation issues in court could run you the risk of doing 18 to 30 years in prison.

How We Can Help

Our CDL Traffic Consultants and CDL advisors here are ready to serve you.  Let us connect you to  CDL – Truckers attorneys.  We focus on helping CDL drivers just like you. The Professional driver legal department has protected CDL holders for over 33 years.  We have a legal department that is always open for our members with live representatives who are ready to help you anytime and provide a peace of mind few other services can come close to offering. Keep calm and contact an organization that can be available 24 hours in any jurisdiction across the US and Canada and ready to post Bond and help pay to defend you in court (without your presence most of the time) and fight for your rights to earn a living and get a better outcome.

The Importance of Being Proactive

You need to keep ahead of trouble so that when it arrives you have a legal defense ready and waiting. You can’t achieve anything from wasting time so get started in getting quality legal representation now. It is always better to have protection and not need it; than to need it and not have it. CDL legal protection provides ready-to-use options that can have you defended quickly, efficiently and fully covered for future tickets after 24 hours.

Let our ProActive Drivers advisors connect you to CDL Truckers Attorneys.  We can help you manage your legal cases and get maximum use of your CDL Professional Driver Membership Plan. The trucker membership is a Commercial Drivers Prepaid legal protection strategy that provides readily available Bonds, traffic ticket and accident legal defenses, and DataQ challenges. The program is affordable and brings quality legal resources and benefits that save you money in large volumes. When your livelihood and reputation are in danger, you shouldn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops for your defense.

You could benefit from these kind of proactive benefits and protection immediately by getting started today. You can start by choosing one of the three following options.

  1. Contact us with any questions about how our Services work or to go over your specific legal needs that are not under the covered case category.
  2. Web Chat Online 24/7 at 210-361-0296  to Reinstate an old CDL account or to Receive automated information (and pre-existing legal fee estimates) by text on covered Pre-existing tickets.
  3. Click HERE to Enroll Online 24/7 in a New CDL Membership  to start immediately with access to our legal department within 24 business hours.